Corporate Logistics

Our entire process is very systematic and professional. Right from the removal and installation of systems, dismantling of items , wrapping and assembling of fixtures to the finished setup, we are able to ensure that your items are handled with care and without any damage. Years of experience in house-moving have honed our skills tremendously as we possess the know-how to handle all items and products, big or small. Our knowledge in this area comes in handy especially when a sudden or unexpected situation crops up. We will be able to assess immediately an alternative solution to avoid any form of delays or mishaps. We will gladly pay you a visit if needed to answer your inquiries as well as to provide you a no-obligation quote for your consideration.Notable projects include the delivery of Speaker Amps for Coherence Audio, delivery and setup of glass showcases for Meyson Jewellery and delivery and setup of items to schools for Singapore Science Centre.


With space being a sacred thing in Singapore, you can count on us to keep your items safe and sound. We have round the clock close circuit surveillance cameras monitoring our warehouse evry second. Relevant equipments include pallet jets and stackers to better handle bulky and heavy items especially if placed on pallets. We have ample rackings in our warehouse as well for those who would want to ensure they have a dedicated place of their own. We will also compile an inventory list which we will update whenever necessary so that you can regularly keep track of your items. Long term or short term, you can count on us to take good care of your precious cargo.

Events setup/teardown

Our list of clients do not lie. L-Rui Concept group (representing Samsung), Whitewords, Philips Electronics, and PlayTMN are just some of our regular clients who have tasked us with the daily smooth running of their events.  Our vehicles are out every day carrying out our clients events dutifully. From delivery and setup of kiosks to large scale cabling/wiring and setup of TVs during IT Shows, our CV speaks for itself. As with corporate logistics, our experience is second to none when it comes to handling road shows, events and exhibitions. We have the best team there is in the industry who can meet your demands and complete any tasks given to them. Given the diversity of events setup, why not drop us a call to see what we can do for you.

Wall-mounting services

Wall-mounting services - We specialise in the installation of your TVs regardless of its brand or type. Wall-mounting your TV is an excellent option as it is improves your visual experience and is definitely a plus for families who have kids at home and you want one less hazard on your console. Besides residential households, we have also been engaged frequently to wall mount their TVs in places like factories, shops, community centres, gyms and hotels. Using our own in-house Titan brackets that ranges from fixed brackets to swivel arm brackets where you can pull your TV out and adjust to your ideal angle, we provide you with the solution to enhancing your viewing pleasure. Our Titan brackets are even available to be purchased off the shelf in all leading electrical stores.



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